Changing outcomes in bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in males with a high rate of recurrence and progression. Treatment options are very limited.

What is Sitka Biopharma?

Sitka Biopharma has developed a novel polymer platform technology that improves drug absorption for cancer treatments. Its lead candidate is a formulation that allows taxane drugs to adhere and penetrate into the bladder wall, enhancing treatment benefit for bladder cancer. Preclinical proof-of-concept has been established and the company’s near term goal is to gain regulatory approval to commence clinical trials.  Sitka Biopharma is a spin-off company of CDRD Ventures Inc. and the University of British Columbia.

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There are very limited effective chemotherapeutic treatments for intermediate and high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. The urothelial tissue layer of the bladder, where the tumour resides, prevents the absorption of locally instilled (intravesical) chemotherapeutic agents thereby limiting their effectiveness. Sitka’s nanoparticulate drug delivery technology addresses the absorption challenges of current intravesical treatments.



Sitka’s technology combines a nanoparticulate drug delivery technology based on hyperbranched polyglycerols (HPG), with docetaxel, a well-characterized chemotherapeutic, in a single proprietary formulation designed for intravesical instillation into the bladder. In an animal model of bladder cancer, Sitka’s proprietary formulation significantly improved bladder tissue uptake and dramatically outperformed the commercially available docetaxel formulation.



Sitka’s founding scientists include Dr. Helen Burt, Associate Vice President of Research at UBC with a history of commercially successful drug-delivery technology development, Dr. Don Brooks, Professor of Pathology at UBC whose group developed the drug binding HPG polymers and Dr. Martin Gleave, a world-leading urologist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre/UBC. Together, they worked with development experts at The Centre for Drug Research and Development and CDRD Ventures Inc.